The Hockey Kid - Nick Josephs

Nick has been a client of Optimum Performance Training Inc. for more than 5 years now. He started when he was 12 years old...and boy, has he grown - physically and maturity. Nick is in his last year of minor hockey in Calgary as well as his last year of high school. From here only good things will be coming his way I (NCAA hockey in the future we hope), as he is both a scholar and an incredible athlete.

Back in 2008, when I first worked with Nick (and James/Trevor/Geoff/Trent before me), he was a scrawny (maybe 125 lbs) kid. He was barely able to lift his bodyweight, let alone any significant amount of weight! Check out the video below for an update:

Recent Stats:
17 years old
BWT - 200 lbs (91kg)
Ht - 6'1" (185.5 cm)

DL - 453 lbs
Back Squat - 330 lbs (probably more now)
Front Squat - 300 lbs (probably more now)
Clean - 253 lbs (Power Clean - 242 lbs)

Bench Press - 240 lbs
Chin-up - 85 lbs
Dip - 125 lbs
Chin-ups - 40+ kipping