An Issue of Olympic Fate

Yesterday we had our initial assessment with this cat (who will remain nameless). He is transitioning from 200m/400m distance to the 800m distance. His track coach, physiotherapist, and I will be in close contact with his training program and how he is improving/recovering.

Moving from the shorter distances of 200m/400m to the longer distances of 800m has not been really easy for him (as he is a specialist). But, he has been training at this distance for close to 6 months now, so he is getting more comfortable with his new "digs". I will report back every now and then on his progress leading up to the 2012 Olympic and ParaOlympic Track and Field Trials in Calgary, Alberta.

One interesting discussion we had initially was around the goal to increase total body strength, power, and speed while minimizing muscle mass addition and how this would be accomplished. Following this, I asked him a few questions regarding his track sessions with his coach. One of the questions I asked was if you were to run 400m @ 95% speed, how long would you rest? He answered, " least 8 minutes, maybe more depending on the feel". I love this answer for 2 reasons. First, because it is what I would do (little ego stroke for me). Second, he actually thought about how the "feel" of some sessions vary, even for Olympians. So, when I hear some clients complain about how they didn't hit a PR on some lift/test in every session that it is prescribed, and therefore they feel it was a bad session, makes me realize they need more understanding of how to actually be a true competitor in athletics and sports in general (as their belief system is flawed and dangerous if it continues).

 Even Olympians go through a Sorensen Test

 Left and Right Side Bridge too