My "Open" Competitors

I have been talking with my clients, peers, and colleagues as of late regarding the upcoming CrossFit season. Lots of discussion about who are my "top" competitors or who maybe "Games bound". I think that is unfair to discuss, as each of my individual coaching clients have their own goals and abilities. But, for the ones that are going to compete this year, here is a little shout out to each of them.

I use the word "Open" for 2 reasons.  First, the CrossFit Open is the starting point. Second, to describe these people with one general term, because it does truly take an open person to let go of all attachment, to hand over the reigns, and let themselves be guided. I am very grateful that these people are allowing me to guide them in their journey. As they learn and improve as competitors, I too learn and improve as a coach.

The Males
Aaron Chetek - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Alex Netty - Illinois, USA
Bill Tillapaugh - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Bradley Parkinson - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Casey Brien - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Chip Thorndike - Florida, USA
Christopher Berry - California, USA
David Mullback - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
David Zeph - California, USA
Del Lafountain (Masters) - California, USA
Derek Robinson - Tennessee, USA
DJ Wickham - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Eric Cady - New York, USA
Fraser O'Neil - Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
Jake Naumchef - Alabama, USA
Jeff Flemming - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Joey Warren - California, USA
Jordan Kohn - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Josh Lewis - New York, USA
Kenneth Crowder - North, Carolina
Michael Coopman - Afghanistan
Michael Price - Dublin, Ireland
Michael McElroy - Mississippi, USA
Patrick Warker - Idaho, USA
Peter Demchuk - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Randy Getzinger - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Robert Corson (Masters) - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Ross Blake - Canberra, Australia
Scott Paltos - New Jersey, USA
Steve Sayhoun - Brisbane, Australia
Thomas Rech - Brisbane, Australia
Van Duffie - North Carolina, USA
Wes Hendricks - Washington, USA

The Females
Chelsea Ryan - California, USA
Christy Anderson - Strathmore, Alberta, Canada
Elisabeth Wagner (Masters) - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Jessica Tillapaugh - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Lauren Pryor - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Michelle Savard (Masters) - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Tiffany Wylie - Calgary, Alberta, Canada