#OutsideTheBox 2013 Registration Open

If you are interested in competing or attending our 1st Annual Competition please register HERE. Go to the event tab. Please check the basic strength requirements HERE prior to entering the competition.

The Competitor Pass will enroll you into the fitness competition. You will also be able to sit in on the min-education sessions.
The Spectator Pass will give access to view the fitness competition. You will also be able to sit in on the mini-education sessions. 
The education sessions will be presented by Michael FitzGerald of Optimum Performance Training and Mike Kesthely of Dynamic Nutrition.

For now, space is limited to 16 female and 24 male competitors.
Spectator spaces are limited to 30 due to our facility size.  
This event will sell-out. To be placed on the wait list e-mail us. If we recieve lots of additional interest we will likely open up a few more spots.
If you are interested in helping judge the event please e-mail us. We would love your help. Please include your experience in fitness with your e-mail.

As the event date gets closer we will annouce more information relating to the exact times of the events, education sessions and the like. For now here are some points of interest:
- there will be 2 pieces of equipment in use that some people may not have access to on a regular basis, namely the prowler (Rogue Dogsled) and the Airdyne. 
- there will be events throughout the day on both Saturday and Sunday
- over the course of the weekend you will be tested on max effort barbell lifting, max effort jumping, anaerobic based event(s), aerobic recovery events, aerobic capacity events and will learn why the events were designed as such and how to fuel your performance for such events
- this will NOT be an event that "kicks your ass" in an effort to see who can survive the weekend. However, this event will "test" your ability and you will leave the weekend knowing and understanding your weaknesses.

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