#OutsideTheBox2013 Recap

This was the very first weekend fitness competition hosted by us. The unique aspects of our competition was both the true variation in testing imposed on competitors and the education sessions included. I hope all who competed enjoyed the experience, learned something about themselves and found their limits. FYI - Next year's competition will be held on the Labour Day weekend. Just an FYI.
*Any critiques or feedback can be posted in the comment section for public viewing or posted to our contact form for private viewing. 
Event 1
Front Squat, 1 RM 
- marginal depth was not accepted (i.e. hip crease below knee), depth had to be clearly demonstrated
- 15 minute time limit to achieve your max
- weights were self-selected

Top score male - Zach Carlin - 415lbs
Top score female - Jolaine Bloom - 230lbs

(Geoff Aucoin)

Event 2
touch n go Clean and Jerk, 3 RM
- bar could not rest on floor at any point
- control overhead must be displayed on each rep
- 15 minute time limit to achieve your max
- weights were self selected

Top score male - Zach Carlin - 265lb
Top score female - Jolaine Bloom - 165lb

(Nolan Crossman)

Event 3
For time:
10 Power Clean @ 155lb/100lbs
10 Lateral Barbell Burpees
 10 Power Clean @ 135lb/90lbs
10 Lateral Barbell Burpees
10 Power Clean @ 115lb/80lbs
10 Lateral Barbell Burpees
- 4 minute time cap
- must stand completely at top of each clean with elbows in front of bar
- must touch chest to floor every burpee
- must jump over bar with a 2 footed jump

Top male scores - Zach Carlin and David Mullback - 2:09
Top male score - Becca King - 2:13

(Mike Kesthely pain face, immediately post event 3)

Event 4
For total time:
100m Prowler Sprint
1 min rest
100m Prowler Sprint
- no time cap, everyone must finish
- male sled total load was 210lbs
- female sled total load was 145lbs
- it was wet out, which made the event slower than we tested, oh well. In hindsight, we should have lowered the sled weights.

Top male score - Zach Carlin - 57 sec total
Top female score - Becca King - 1:24 min total

(Brett Shillington and Samantha Stevenson-Archer)

(Christian Stroet and Amy Speed-Andrews)

(David Mullback, 20 minutes post event 4)

(event 5 was going to be the 2nd prowler sprint, but instead we combined the scores instead of posting seperate)

Event 6
1,200m Shuttle Run 
- total time
- 10 min time cap, event 7 began at the end of the 10 min cap
- 100m x 8, 50m x 8
Event 7
2k Row
- 10 min time cap
- total time

Top male score (Shuttle Run) - Zach Carlin - 4:25
Top female score (Shuttle Run) - Becca King - 5:04

Top male score (Row) - Geoff Aucoin - 7:08.06
Top female score (Row) - Katie Gunther - 7:45.05

Event 8
Vertical Jump over Rope with approach
- no part of your body/clothing can make contact with the rope
- consecutive miss elimination - if you missed on your 1st attempt, you had to repeat the jump immediately. If you successfully completed the jump, you moved on. If you failed to complete for a 2nd time in a row, you were eliminated. 

Top male score - Zach Carlin, Scott Gillis, Nolan Brown and John Rogers - 54"
Top female score - Becca King - 40"

(Tiffany Wylie)
(Tim Pell - I think)

Event 9
5 RM Deadlift
- 15 min time limit to achieve your max load
- touch n go reps were NOT permitted
- bar had to be controlled to the floor for each rep, dropping the bar or losing control during the lowering phase was NOT permitted
- there was a 30 sec time limit in which you had to attempt your 5th rep before the time cap
- complete extension of hips and knees with shoulders behind bar was the requirement for the top of the rep

Top male score - David Mullback - 485lbs
Top female score - Samantha Stevenson-Archer - 285lbs

(Jolaine Bloom)
(Scott Gillis)

Event 10
For time:
2.85km trail run
Bar Facing Burpees
- men had to do chest to bar for the chin-ups
- bar load was 95lbs for men and 65lbs for women
- marginal depth was not accepted for the OHS
- horizontal plane was the chin-up standard for females
- chest to floor and 2 footed jump required for bar facing burpees
- any type of snatch was fine, as long as feet were together and control was shown in overhead position

Top male time - Zach Carlin - 25:06
Top female time - Jolaine Bloom - 24:22

(all competitors who took part in the 1st Annual #OutsideTheBox event)

Left to right: 
1st place, Becca King
2nd place, Samantha Stevenson-Archer
3rd place, Jolaine Bloom

Right to left:
1st place, Zach Carlin
2nd, David Mullback
3rd, Scott Gillis