Lactate Endurance Training

1 - Set # 1 was too high in % of load on the Power Snatch not allowing me to elicit a true Lactate Endurance response (why I recovered so fast). Set # 2 was very painful as the % of load on the Thruster was just right for the time frame/# of reps/# of sets.

2 - life stress/lack of quality sleep seems to have severely impaired my ability to "handle" high blood lactate during repeated efforts (i.e. recovery becomes more difficult).

3 - last 10 weeks since OPTathlaon, the longest Lactate Endurance sets I have done were up to 90 seconds for only 3 sets in one training session. The low volume of sets is more related to point # 1.

4 - In order to perform to your potential on high lactate repeated sets, you have to ensure you have trained the time frames/%'s of intensity appropriately, as well as have point # 2 under control.

5 - The "feel" of Lactate Endurance Training is different when I am in a phase of high amounts of aerobic power work per week (2 hockey games which are basically 20 x 60 sec work @ 85-90% aerobic effort/60-120 sec recovery, 2 MAP sessions per week, 1-2 Z1/Skill sessions). This makes me able to work just below my perceived "lactate threshold" (what ever that means) and do damn well, but in order to achieve true elite performance in fitness (read: high power output) @ short duration events, I need to have me lactate endurance system dialled time.