Multiple Modality Energy System testing

The above video is an example of an aerobic capacity testing session for me. The below video is an example of an anaerobic lactate capacity session for me.

The first test (video #1) lasted 2 min 57 seconds, while the second test (video #2) lasted 3:46. The "feel" of each respective "test" was incredibly different for me. The first video was made yesterday - Jan 1st, 2012, while the second video what made in late November 2011. The row/double under/row test did not allow me to reach a high enough intensity for that time frame to require a true anaerobic lactate capacity response (basically the double unders were too easy). However, the row/burpee/kbs/burpee/row test DID allow for a true anaerobic lactate response for me. I did not take blood draws following the tests, so my statements are assumptions. But, after the first test I walked around with some moderately fatigued arms. After the second test I laid on the rubber matting for close to 10 minutes.

Take home - when trying to test an energy system you have to ensure that the modalities/intensity/time frame prescribed are going to elicit the dose response for each individual. If this is not accounted for, then it is nearly impossible to say that what you claim to be testing is actually being tester (by the way - thruster chin-up combos are not a defined energy system - lol).