Reebok CrossFit Games 2012 - Results (Week 1)

I am so happy to have this picture displayed on my blog. I am very proud of how my individual athletes did this past weekend in the Canada West, South Central, and South East Regionals. All 7 of us Optimum Performance Training athletes in Canada West made it to the 6th event of the weekend - no cuts (7 competitors out of 36 total = about 20%)! Too bad none of us could grad a top 2 finish.

Canada West (picture displayed above) - from left to right:
David Mullback - 16th place
DeeJay Wickham - 5th place
Me - 7th place
Fraser O'Neill - 8th place
Aaron Chetek - 18th place

Lauren Pryor - 16th place
Jessica Tillapaugh - 10th place

South Central
Michael McElroy - 16th place

South East
Jake Naumcheff - 22nd place

I have to say the weekend was very enjoyable for me. As an athlete, a coach, and a spectator. Great to watch all the amazing performances put in by the athletes, there were too many to mention here in this post. Side note - from my experience (personally), the judging was consistent and fair. Hope that trend continues into the next 4 weeks of Regional competition.

Best of luck to all that have yet to compete.