Fitness Coach Mentoring - new recruits

Here is the initial homework assignment that must be passed in prior to our first meeting. Please submit your homework to prior to May 14th, that is when registration for Fitness Coach Mentoring ends until later in the summer.

Program # 1:
- 25 year old Male CrossFit athlete/72 inches in height/185lbs in weight
- Just finished Regional competition 2-3 weeks ago, is rested up and ready to go
- PR's - Front Squat = 275lbs, Power Clean = 275lbs, Close Grip Bench Press = 205, Press = 155 lbs, AMRAP HSPU's = <10, AMRAP C2B Chin-ups = 25
- Some aerobic PR's - 1600m Run = 7:00, 2000m Row = 7:15, "Helen" = 10 minutes
- Athletes training priorities: 1 - increase squat/press strength, 2 - increase aerobic capacity (power and endurance), 3 - no lactate training
- Training schedule - days off are Monday/Friday. Double training days on Tuesday/Saturday.
- Outcomes - design a 6 week training program that will match their priorities/schedule.
- You design the layout of the weekly training, and each training session.
- You must provide as much detail for each workout (i.e. intensity prescription for each set/session, rest times, etc.) as you feel is necessary.
- Last week of training should include re-testing of the all the PR's listed above.
- Assumptions - eats well, no injuries, and trains at a facility that has every possible piece of equipment you can think of

Program # 2:
- 30 year old Female Distance Runner/68 inches in height/135lbs in weight
- Started running 2 years ago
- Goal is to run a sub 40 minute 10k race within the next year
- PR's - 1600m = 5:45 min, 5000m = 20:00, 10000m = 45:00
- Training schedule - Sunday's off
- No double training days
- Design 6 weeks of training to match their goal's/current abilities
- You decide the layout of the week (i.e. energy system, durations, modalities, etc.)
- Intensity must be prescribed for each running session
- Last 2 weeks of training should be lower in total volume than 4th week
- Assumptions - eats well, no injuries, and trains at a facility that has every possible piece of equipment you can think of

Definition of Fitness # 1:
- Design a weekend competition in order to test your definition of fitness
- Events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
- # of events is up to you
- no limitation on equipment, space, etc.
- Be prepared to defend your event choices