Athlete Results for 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games

Here is an updated score sheet of how my Coaching client's did this year during the CrossFit Regional's:

Joey Warren - 4th in Northern California - Games Qualified Athlete
DJ Wickham - 5th in Canada West
Me - 7th in Canada West
Alex Netty - 7th in North Central
Fraser O'Neil - 8th in Canada West
Jessica Tillapaugh - 10th in Canada West
Lauren Pryor - 16th in Canada West
David Mullback - 16th in Canada West
Michael McElroy - 16th in South Central
Aaron Chetek - 18th in Canada West
Jake Naumcheff - 22nd in South East
Ken Crowder - 23rd in Mid Atlantic
Clayton Shultz - 34th in Australia
Kevin O'Malley - 43rd in North East

Michelle Savard - 17th in Female Masters (45-49) - Games Qualified Athlete
Del Lafoutain - 22nd in Male Masters (50-54) - so close!

CrossFit Faith (Derek Robinson) - 5th in Central East
CrossFit Dublin (Michael Price) - 20th in Europe
CrossFit OTG (Mark Saber) - 28th in North East

This is my first year to have an individual client of mine make it to the Reebok CrossFit Games. And, there are 2 of them! Hopefully we can keep this trend up. My goal is to have 10 individual athletes competing in 5 years time. Full Effort!

This is a picture of Michelle Savard from back in late 2011, getting her "engine" up to speed with what was to come in the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games: The Open. Lactate Endurance training = pain, but tolerance and efficiency builds quickly when progressed properly and things are in place, and only adds to the energy system that CrossFit will test in the Open on a regular basis - Aerobic Power. She will most likely punch me in the arm quite hard once she sees that I posted this picture. But, it represents the determination, struggle, and sacrifice one must go through to get to the top of the mountain (so to speak). Michelle has done that, and now she gets to compete at the Games, which has been a dream come true for her!