Online/Remote Coaching - Ten Spots Left

Now that the CrossFit season is over for over 99% of you, it is time to re-focus on the following year's training goals (assuming your goals are important to you). Time to re-build, improve in the areas that need most attention. For the large majority of fitness athletes, this means some aspect of their CP/Strength system while properly progressing the Aerobic Power System (or MetCon). These are the 2 most important systems relative to the fitness athlete competing in the sport of CrossFit. The biggest issue with these 2 systems is that training both to their full potential simultaneously is impossible, because they are at near opposite ends of physiology/adaptation. That being said, there are ways to do it most efficiently so that you improve consistently in both, and there are ways to screw it up so you get no where. The latter being more likely the more advanced your fitness is.

The service I offer of Online/Remote Coaching is something I love. It allows me to help people from a distance, as not everyone can be so lucky to live in Calgary (ha)! The variety of issues, limitations, abilities, schedules, goals, and the like are as numerous as the number of clients I work with on a regular basis (i.e. a lot). If you truly want to take the guess work out of your training, to do everything you can to reach your true athletic potential as a Fitness Athlete, and to get better year in and year out, you need a plan, you need a Coach. I have worked with close to 100 people now via this online service in the past 3 years, and plan to work with many more in the coming years. 

The Online/Remote Coaching service will yield it's best results for those looking to compete in the 2013 CrossFit season (or any important event along the way) if given a full calendar year of effort prior to the important date/event. There are 10 spots open for those of you looking to obtain this service. Once it is full, there will be re-openings periodically throughout the year based on availability. You can be placed on a wait list if you are indeed interested and it is not available at that time. The remaining number of spots will be noted here, under Online/Remote Coaching.

The ideal candidate for this service must have the following:
- goals that are important to them
- a definite desire to improve as a fitness athlete
- a willingness to do what is required

For a breakdown of the service please go here, and scroll down to Online/Remote Coaching. E-mail for those looking to obtain the service.

(Finishing my last Muscle-up in Event 6 from the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games - Regionals. I have a plan for next year, do you?)