Open 13.3 Review

Energy System Tested - Aerobic Power
Main Traits - upper body muscular endurance, upper body strength/stamina, low load squatting stamina 
- here is what I wrote about this event last year. I would not give much of a different analysis. Just more in-depth.
- I like repeat workouts. I don't think it is a lack of creativity. I think it is necessary. Plus, there are only so many exercises that can be utilized in the Open (given the current format), and once burpees, snatches, deadlifts, shoulder to overhead, and box jumps are used....what's left? Wall Balls!
- Like I said last year, the event was predominantly aerobic power for most people, the individuals that were not able to get the wall balls done in 12 minutes would have had a different experience (more like "grunt" work). Two common reasons, you were not strong/powerful enough to get that ball to the rx'd height, or you simply could not manage to recover after the initial number of reps once the breathing/O2 demand increased.
- Wall Balls - will come down to 4 things, 1) height, 2) muscular endurance, 3) aerobic capacity, and 4) will. With number 4 being less of an issue if numbers 2 and 3 are trained appropriately.
- Double Unders - why only 90 reps? Either way, I witnessed and/or read about many people not being able to finish 90 reps in 3-5 minutes. Yikes. Maybe 90 was enough. Best way to improve? I am sure the Buddy Lee's of the world have a better answer than me, but from a basic learning standpoint: practice every warm-up, in a fresh state, so you learn how to do them properly. Do not practice in a fatigued state, when you can create even more bad habits. Once you learn how to do them, then make the scenario's more challenging (i.e. do them in a timed event, at the end of a workout when you are tired, etc.). You shouldn't try to learn snatches at the end of a 15-30 minute beatdown. Same rule applies for double unders. 
- At least this year they figured out that there HAS to be a tiebreaker format, or you would have had thousands and thousands and thousands of people with the EXACT same score.
- You could suggest that the event is entirely aerobic power for nearly all top competitors until the muscle-ups appear. Again, while the muscle-ups will still cause you to breath at a high rate, I can't fathom the aerobic system (a.k.a. oxygen-dependent system) being the predominant energy system. I wouldn't say it is able to provide the necessary energy requirements for the working muscles in this movement, given the work:rest time in this portion due to the intensity of the movement. With this scenario, the only recourse is to utilize the ATP-CP system and the Anaerobic System (a.k.a oxygen-independent glycolysis) to a greater extent.
- side note - all 3 energy systems, the ATP-CP system, the Anaerobic system (oxygen independent), and Aerobic system (oxygen dependent), are active at all times. ATP is always being supplied from each of them (for the most part) all the time. What varies are the demands placed on each system, which is ultimately determined by the intensity and duration of the activity.
- Largely, muscle-up performance is primarily determined by upper body relative strength and stamina (read ATP-CP battery). Technical efficiency and "conditioning" are next in line for importance.  Just a quick look to the leader board will reveal all you need to know. In 13.3, there were 3 women that finished 1 round. There were 175 men that finished 1 round. Even if you account for their being more men in the competition, the difference is still large, This is clearly due to men having more relative strength/stamina in their upper bodies. So I ask, when will female events at the Open, Regionals and Games be adjusted (on a regular basis) to recognize this difference? I believe females should not be expected to ALWAYS have the same standards or repetitions on upper body relative strength/stamina components that the men do. You can still have the females compete against one another with this adjustment. Not much, if anything, would change.

Some of my female clients that scored very well in 13.3:
Brittany Kopp - Central East - 256 reps
Chelsea Ryan - NorCal - 255 reps
Jessica Tillipaugh - Canada West - 251 reps
Lauren Pryor - Canada West - 248 reps
Jolaine Bloom - Canada West - 247 reps
Cynthia Brown - North East - 245 reps