1st Annual Competition, #OutsideTheBox, September 7th and 8th, 2013


Alright, I have been thinking about this and planning it out in my head for a very long time. Like many others, I have always enjoyed competing in fitness competitions. I try to do at least 3-5 competitions per year. Some are good, some are not as good. Regardless of that, I believe the only way to achieve your ultimate potential in fitness is to test yourself. Further, I believe the only way for fitness competitions to evolve is for them to occur; without having them, we can't improve them.

The date for the competition will be September 7th and 8th, 2013. The event will include multiple events per day, but with an added feature. Throughout the day there will be mini-education sessions to allow competitors to understand what goes into the event design, why it was designed as such, what limitations existed, what they can take away from their performance and how to fuel/recover appropriately throughout the year and during competition. The fuelling/recovery portion will be done by Mike Kesthely of Dynamic Nutrition.

What should be noted is that this is NOT a beginners competition. Here are some basic strength qualifications to have:

- able to do strict chin-ups (female - 3 reps, male - 6 reps)
- able to perform the snatch and clean and jerk movements
- able to power snatch (female - 85lbs, male - 135lbs)
- able to power clean (female - 125lbs, male - 185lbs)
- able to front squat (female - 135lbs, male - 205lbs)

If you are interested in competing, please e-mail us. More details on the events and movements will be posted later, this is an announcement. Cost for participating will also be established shortly. The total number of participants will not be large. Initially I am thinking there will be a maximum of 30-40 competitors. There will not be any age categories or teams events. Although, if you are travelling from the U.S.A you may receive bonus points for your dedication!

(The picture has nothing to do the the competition. I just love it. My niece took the picture near my hometown in Wabush, NL, Canada. The tracks in the snow are from numerous snowmobiles travelling to and from. I am sure I traced this route multiple times in my teens. There is a certain beauty in this winter landscape.)