Live Now, Learn More, Train Smart

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The original motto I wrote down on a piece of paper shortly before I took ownership of Optimum Performance Training in January 2012 was this: "Live, Learn, Train". It was a very short, to the point and an elegant way of expressing what my beliefs are, what I want my business to stand for and what clients should expect in their service. As with everything, all things shall pass. The motto needed a face lift, it needed to be expanded upon, but at the same time remain succinct.

Live Now - very simple. Live your life now, not in the past and not in future. Right now is all that truly matters as it is the only "time" that actually exists. Carpe diem.
Learn More - in order to evolve as a business, a person, and an athlete, you must always learn. More importantly, you must be "willing" to learn. Learn from your successes, from your mistakes, and from others.
Train Smart - this is my passion. This is what I do every day of the week, every week of the year. I try to optimize the training methods of all types of individuals (myself included). Trying to figure out the path that will be most effective but also condusive to longevity of the individual is a very rewarding practice. It is a very time intensive process, but the reward is in the ability to just enjoy the journey for what it

Why the picture of the Canada flag? I have lots of clientele that live in the U.S.A. One thing I have learned from them and from their nation as a whole is that you need to be proud of your country. I am definitely a proud Canadian and want people to know that. It is also the country in which my business is based and where I live, so..."why not eh'?

The shirts are the American Apparel Tri-blend track shirt and are available in XS-L. The men's shirt is indigo blue and the women's is orchid.

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